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FuckYeah GREEK!
Hello! I am trying to watch your show on my iPhone or iPad, but no websites seem to be working. :( do you know of anywhere I can watch it that will work on a mobile device?

The only thing I know for sure is Netflix. Sorry!

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4 months ago on 31 May 2014 @ 12:17am
With all these reunions going on why is nobody talking about a Greek reunion?

That would be pretty awesome! I would love to see like… the cast doing a video, saying where they think their characters are right now. OH MAN. I didn’t know I wanted that until just now!

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5 months ago on 1 May 2014 @ 9:39pm 7 notes
What are your favourite 5 episodes in season 3 of greek? (Yeah I'm really sorry that I keep asking you, I guess you've sensed the theme....) thanks - p.s OMG THE SEASON FINALE!!!!! CAPPIE<3

Haha it’s okay! It’s kinda fun to go back and look at the episodes from each season. Alright here we go…

  1. "I Know What You Did Last Semester"
  2. "Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe… Or Not" because Cappie and Casey and one of the best scenes between them TO DATE
  3. "Camp Buy Me Love"
  4. "The First Last"
  5. "All Children… Grow Up"
7 months ago on 18 March 2014 @ 3:49pm
What are your 5 fave episodes of greek, season 2? thanks

Sorry this is so late! But my top 5 season 2 episodes are:

  1. "Let’s Make a Deal" because POKER.
  2. "Guilty Treasures" just because
  3. "Social Studies" is my favorite episode of the entire season oh my god FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE
  4. "Tailgate Expectation" because tailgaiting and floats and reasons
7 months ago on 14 March 2014 @ 11:40pm 1 note
Just to say thanks. I asked about greek to you, and had you not answered the way you did I probably would not have watched it and now i'm OBSESSED on season 1 finale now!!!!!! Thanks again :)

Ahh that’s awesome!! I’m glad to hear it, and you’re welcome! :)

7 months ago on 11 March 2014 @ 3:58pm 3 notes